Give the Gift of Music TODAY!!

If you prefer to donate by check, please contact RMS Music Boosters to make arrangements:

Day 6 Tally: $6410.83 | 65 Donors

Our 2023 GOALS: $6500; Community Outreach of 100 DONORS.

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Provides Resources, Supplies and Experiences for RMS Music Students.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sonya Harris, RooFriends Music Boosters!!

On the last day of our “Give the Gift of Music” 2023 campaign, the RooFriends Music Boosters invite all RMS Families and Friends to CONGRATULATE our very own RMS Music Community Outreach advocate, Sonya Harris on her SDUSD VAPA Spotlight Award for Creative Community Engagement.

Sonya’s dedication to music education in schools greatly contributes to the music enrichment of the RMS Music program and the greater RMS Community as a whole. Through her efforts, Students, Staff and Families enjoy connections and experiences with La Jolla Music Society, San Diego Symphony, Classics 4 Kids, AmateurPianists, Advocates for Classical Music, World Beat Center and more!! Thank you to Sonya for raising community arts awareness and developing strong community relationships through the arts at Roosevelt IB MS.

“Roosevelt IB MS, a Title I school, happens to be my neighbor. It has a wonderful Music Director, a very supportive Principal and an enthusiastic group of Parent Volunteers. We are fortunate to live in a City with strong creative arts organizations that are willing to support music education outreach. Through my personal affiliations with these organizations, I am excited to facilitate offering outstanding programs to RMS Students. These opportunities will hopefully influence & reinforce a lifelong love of music and also enhance the RMS Music program.” – Sonya Harris, RooFriends Music Boosters.

Like Sonya, RMS Music endeavors to reach out to RMS Families, Feeder Schools and beyond – by organizing on campus performances, like this Saturday’s “Music for a Lifetime” Concert, and invites to support RMS Music students at events like this Friday’s first-ever SDUSD VAPA Jazz Ensemble Concert.

This year’s “Give the Gift of Music” fundraiser added a new element to our campaign: Community Outreach. We’re hoping to see that 100 DONORS feel inspired and motivated by RMS Music to contribute any amount in support of 6th Grade Music, Digital Music, Orchestra, Band and Jazz Band. Thank You!!

We need 35 music fans to reach our Community Outreach goal!!

Join us with your Community Outreach Donation of $1.00.

Give the Gift of Music TODAY!!


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