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Support Our Talented Student Musicians!

Thank you for supporting Roosevelt’s vibrant music program.  Not every Middle School has a music program, much less a free one with a dedicated teacher who inspires students to appreciate and learn music while having fun.

This year we were able to expand our program to include Guitar, Choir and two sections of Band and Orchestra.  This allowed us to reach many more students and introduce them to the joys and discipline of music. We have also been able to provide many exciting activities. Music students (165)  enjoyed a field trip to the San Diego Symphonys Young People’s Concert in October.  We organized a  school visit from the Center for World Music in which all RMS students were invited to attend.  We are currently preparing for a second field trip to the San Diego Symphony for our after-school 6th grade musicians as well as a performance and Master Class from the Paris-based Arod String Quartet in March. 

Our students have had the opportunity to  perform at the Open House, SoNo Festival, and our recent Winter Concerts. We are currently organizing opportunities for students to perform at local elementary schools and the Coronado Jazz Fest this Spring, as well as our RMS Spring Concerts.

Music Boosters helps pay for items that range from replacing Violin Strings (~ $20) to renting buses for our field trips (~ $250/bus).  Please consider donating to Music Boosters this week, to keep the joy of music in our children’s lives. 

**The Harris family has offered to match up to $1000 from 2/10 – 2/13  only. Please consider donating TODAY so we can take advantage of this amazing opportunity!