The Roosevelt Theatre Company (RTC) 2020 spring musical is “High School Musical!”

Thank you to all the Students, RMS Families and RMS Community who participated in the first-ever RTC Show Selection Survey.

Save the Date for RTC 2020 Show Week: May 4 – May 8, 2020
School Shows and Evening Performance(s) are FREE to attend!!

RTC 2020 registration (via ASE Spring 2020 Application) is now closed. 
Students and Families who applied to participate in the show will be notified by the ASE Coordinator. Audition Materials and the RTC 2020 Calendar will be posted on the RTC page of the RooFriends Blog. Details to follow!!

For questions about Roosevelt MS Theatre Company, please contact Pauline Treviño & Grant Ferrier (RTC parent volunteers):

Thanks for supporting the Performing Arts at Roosevelt International MS!

“High School Musical:” The Jocks & Cheer Squad, Science Team, Drama Company and Skaters all stick to their own cliques. Two students, sporty Troy and brainy Gabriella, decide to venture out of their comfort zones and audition for the high school musical. Although many students resent the threat posed to the status quo, doors open for others discover their inner talents and encourage each other to shine in new, different ways.