2019 Production: Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.

Auditions were held on March 5th from 1:30-3:30 pm


Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR. Tom, a young teacher, wakes up on the first day of school. As the alarm goes off, Tom begins to rehearse his teaching technique. Soon, Tom’s thoughts begin to take life. To calm down, Tom turns on the TV. What’s on this morning? It’s Schoolhouse Rock!

Tom: idealistic teacher, the hero of our story. Amiable, likable, charming.

Dina: Mature, thoughtful and grounded. Leads “Interjections.” Strong singer with an ability to sing harmony.

Dori: Silly, goofy. Leads “A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing,” and “The Preamble.” Strong singer who can lead the entire ensemble.

George: Romantic, caring and in-control. Leads “Three Is a Magic Number” and “I’m Just a Bill.” Good singer and character actor.

Joe: Cool, laid-back and fun-loving. Delivers “Conjunction Junction” with the right growl.

Shulie: Sweet and genuine. Leads “Unpack your Adjectives” and “Interplanet Janet.” Strong singer and a likable character actor.

Janet: Feature role with lots of personality! Leads “Interplanet Janet.” with Shulie.

Elvis: Character actor with big personality who can embody the King of Rock & Roll! Leads “Do the Circulation.”

Audition Materials:

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