Peace One Day (Sept. 21st) is an annual day of global unity to commit to Peace above all differences and contribute to building a culture of Peace. Roosevelt Middle School students, teachers, and community participate in this event annually, as a community, building opportunity and to promote the vision of the International Baccalaureate program. The school celebrates this day with classes and events on the topic and each of the 1,200 students staff and volunteers receives a Peace One Day T-Shirt. This shirt may be worn as part of the student’s uniform all year long!

The Friends of Roosevelt Foundation (aka RooFriends) is helping to support Peace One Day at Roosevelt. Each year T-shirt designs are invited from students and final design is printed by a local printing company. Roofriends is currently looking for community partners who would like to help offset some of the t-shirt costs. If you or your business would be interested, please click here to learn more.


We would love your organization to be incorporated into the design of our t-shirt to show support for Peace One Day and your neighborhood public school.

Donate $350 or more by August 31st and get your logo on our Peace One Day T-shirt!
T-shirt space is limited, so please donate soon to ensure your spot on this year’s t-shirt.

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