“Expanding educational opportunities for Roosevelt IB Middle School’s diverse student body.”

The Friends of Roosevelt Foundation, or RooFriends, is committed to raising the funds and providing the people power to help our students succeed in school and in their lives by providing support for:

  • After-School Enrichment activities
  • IB training for Teachers, re-certification, and school support
  • 6th Grade Camp
  • 8th Grade Promotion activities and much more!!

We’re RooFriends; NICE TO MEET YOU!

RooFriends is comprised of parents, guardians and community volunteers who raise funds to fill some of the gaps left by inadequate public funding and provide the resources needed for our students to receive the best possible educational experience.

Unfortunately, this school year is still very different than previous years. Since in person events are still limited, we have lost some of our usual fundraising opportunities. Our foundation supports several programs. One example of the many programs RooFriends funds is After School Enrichment (ASE). This program offers enrichment opportunities to all students at no charge to families. We have a very diverse student body coming from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. There are many students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to enrichment opportunities such as dance, photography, theater, girls in science and many more.

We hope you’ll join us by coming to any of our community meetings and sharing your ideas and talents. In the meantime, you can sign up for e-news alerts on to receive information about upcoming events and activities sponsored by Roosevelt and RooFriends. Please feel free to email anytime with questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and serving our students better this coming year!


Board of Directors, 2022-2023

The foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of school administrators, parents and community residents.
  • President: Bridgette Tullis
  • Vice President: Clare Crawford
  • Secretary: Allorah Pradenas
  • Treasurer: Matthew Deig
  • Communications Chair: Pauline Treviño
  • Additional Voting Member: Andy Hinds
  • Additional Voting Member: Richard Harris
  • Additional Voting Member: Malcolm Parker
  • Additional Voting Member: Frances Alvarez
  • Non-Voting Member: Mr. Bernard Steinberger, Principal
  • Non-Voting Member: Ms. Ciria Brewer, Vice Principal

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