Randall Goosby & Zhu Wang courtesy of
La Jolla Music Society Discovery Artist Series Visit (Dec 2022)

Challenge!! Make a “Music Match” and “Name That Tune!”

Thanks to a very generous Donor – Jim Trepasso,Mr. EK’s own Junior High School Music Director at Correia MS (Point Loma, San Diego) – RMS Music recently welcomed the addition of a Grand Piano!!

In addition to Mr. Trepasso’s GIFT of the Grand Piano, another very generous Donor covered the expenses of installing the Grand Piano in the RMS Auditorium for the benefit of the RMS Community as a whole.

Because of these two thoughtful Advocates for Music Education in schools, our doors have been opened to a variety of performing arts opportunities:

Give the Gift of Music to MAKE a MUSIC MATCH!

RooFriends Music Boosters challenges the RMS Community to MATCH the GRAND Total Donation of the Grand Piano Installation.

The GRAND Total donated to install the Grand Piano was $1195.00, which includes $520 for transport and onsite assembly and $675 for the piano dolly / cart mechanism.

Give the Gift of Music to NAME THAT TUNE!

Donors who participate in the Grand Piano MUSIC MATCH Challenge have the opportunity to submit a suggestion to NAME our Grand Piano. Ask your kids to help you come up with a name! Suggestions will be considered by Mr. EK, the Music Coaches, Music Boosters and the RMS Music Students.

Give the Gift of Music TODAY!!

If you prefer to donate by check, please contact RMS Music Boosters to make arrangements: roofriendsmusicboosters@gmail.com.

Save the Dates!

“Music for a Lifetime” presented by RooFriends Music Boosters & AmateurPianists.org

SDUSD VAPA HS & MS Jazz Ensembles Concert

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Provides Resources, Supplies and Experiences for RMS Music Students.

Give the Gift of Music 2023

Day 3 Tally: $3085.85 | 32 Donors

Our GOAL for 2023 is $6500 with Community Outreach of 100 DONORS.


Stay On Beat with RMS Music

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