RooFriends has two missions which your contributions help support:

Support student after-school programs and teacher appreciation.  For more information link to Club Program Descriptions. We are doing a decent job, but can offer more programs with improved funding. Costs are fluid. Total support budgeted for 2017-18: $30,000

  • Garden Club and Curriculum Integration: Cost $6,000
  • Girls in Science, in partnership with the SD Zoo: Cost $1,800
  • Cooking Round the World: Cost $1,500
  • MESA Club: Cost $3,000
  • Strategic Games  Club: Cost $1,200
  • Kids Eco Club: Cost 1,100
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance: Cost $1,200
  • Spirit Squad Club: Cost $2,600
  • Other: Teacher appreciation and Student Support: $10,000

Support enrichment programs for the school’s IB program. For More information link to IB Enrichment Programs. As you see from this link, we are only partially successful, funding five of nine programs, but with your help, we will be able to provide more.
      Total support Budgeted for 2017-18: $57,000.

  • Annual licence to use the IB sponsorship and brand: Cost $10,000
  • Training new Roosevelt staff in teaching with the IB approach: Cost $20-25,000
  • Zoo Expeditionary Learning Program (ZELP): Cost $12,000.
  • Peace One Day:  Annual Cost $5,000
  • Teacher Mini Grants: Annual Cost $3-5,000
    IB Enrichment Programs we would like to fund:
  • Visual and Performing Arts Integration: Annual Cost $21-25,000
  • Spanish/French: Annual Cost $6-8,000
  • Band/Orchestra: Annual Cost $3-5,000
  • Gateway to Technology (GTT): Annual Cost $8-10,000