Promote Your Business Via “Business Partners in Education”

Thousands of current and potential customers are in the Roosevelt extended family.  They are current, past and future students, parents and families, staff, volunteers and neighbors in a dozen communities. Friends of Roosevelt is pleased to offer businesses a variety of “Recognition Opportunities” to enhance their brand in return for tax deductible donations. Recognitions range from your logo and message on your own banner on the school’s Zoo Drive fences (visitors to Balboa Park number 11 to 14 million annually and we estimate that 2 plus million drive or walk by the school on the way to the Park and Zoo*) to a simple display ad listing on three school related web sites. You support the school and hundreds of thousands will be encouraged to support your business! Our “Business Partnerships in Education” has been endorsed by the Hillcrest Business Association and they will help us get this message out to their 1200 member businesses.

What your donations will support:

Roosevelt Middle School is valued by parents and is growing (1010 students from about 750 ten years ago whereas SDUSD enrollments are stable) due in part to being the only middle school within a continuum of Up-Town K-12 International Baccalaureate schools. IB inspired curriculum aims to “Develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. Roosevelt is proud to be one of 5000 programs world wide. The business association board believes that a popular IB school has made Up-Town an even more attractive place in which to live, work and shop.

Unfortunately, due to cut backs in public and grant funding, continuation of some of the important IB program are endangered, which may endanger the attraction of Roosevelt. Our foundation’s challenge is to support them all if funds can be raised. See “Where Your Money Goes“.

Please contact Richard Harris for more information and to become a “partner” at or 619-301-0177

*BPCP Aggregated Member Visitation Data by Month – 2008 – 2013 Report
**RooFriends assumptions: According to a 2015 Balboa Park Marketing Analysis, some 10 to 14 million people enter the Park annually. We estimate that a minimum of 20% of these may pass by our Zoo Drive fence, or 2 -2.8 million, based on the assumptions below.

People arrive at the Park:

  • By bus; one line on Park Boulevard with five stops, with one stop at our school from which people tend to walk down Zoo Drive; therefore assume 20% of bus riders exit at our school)
  • By car; five streets enter the Park with Zoo Drive having the best access to the largest parking lot in the Park; therefore assume 20%+ of drivers come down Zoo Drive)
  • By foot; there are two realistic pedestrian entrances (Bankers Hill from the West and Hillcrest from the North) with the largest percentage coming from the North, passed the school and down Zoo Drive; therefore assume 50%+ of pedestrians walk down Zoo Drive).

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Recognition Opportunities

The table below list of opportunities is for illustration purposes. For a view of what your banner, sign and other recognitions might look like, link here.
Actual opportunities and  change from time to time. For the current table and/or to get involved as a sponsor, contact Richard Harris at 619-301-0177 or

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