SDUSD VAPA Has Formed Their FIRST EVER Jazz Ensembles!!

Two RMS Music students will represent Roosevelt IB MS at the SDUSD VAPA Jazz Ensembles Concert on April 21, 7:00 PM, Hoover HS.

  • Oslo Treviño, 8th Grade, RMS Jazz Band, Trumpet and RMS Orchestra, Double Bass.
  • Pax Willoughby, 8th Grade, RMS Jazz Band & Orchestra, Double Bass.

Mr. Elias Kocivar, RMS Music Director, focuses his Advanced Band students on Jazz, an essential American music genre. RMS Jazz Band includes students who play trumpet, alto saxophone, trombone, piano, double bass, bass guitar and percussion.

1st Semester, RooFriends Music Boosters, in collaboration with La Jolla Music Society Learning & Engagment, hosted a JazzReach Music Assembly led by the Metta Quintet for all 6th Grade Music, Band, Jazz Band, Beginning & Advanced Orchestra and Digital Music with invites extended to Teachers, Staff and RMS Families.

This Semester, we welcome our new Brass Coach, Mr. Carl Dershem to the RMS Music. He is a professional musician, specializing in Brass instruments, from the local North Park community who is very generously volunteering his time and talents for our Jazz student musicians.

Let’s Do Our Part to Support JAZZ MUSIC at Roosevelt IB MS:

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“Being in the MS VAPA Jazz Ensemble is an amazing opportunity, and I’m grateful and really glad that I made it in!  It’s fun to get to play with new people.  You get to hear how they like to play music, and learn from their points of view.  

Jazz Improvisation is really fun!  You get to forget about what’s happening and just come up with things!  I like to come up with interesting riffs and rhythms and then make variations on them. It doesn’t have to be “right,” it doesn’t have to be “good;” it just has to be something you had fun creating.

I don’t really have too many famous musicians I look up to; my dad inspired me to begin playing Jazz.”

  • Pax Willoughy, 8th Grade

“Jazz Improv is definitely something that takes real skill to be good at. If you do it more you’ll get better at it.

It’s great to be a part of the first-ever VAPA Jazz Ensemble. I feel like auditioning for opportunities like this do help you gain a sense of accomplishment and so much more experience.

In the VAPA MS Jazz Ensemble, I enjoy playing with the whole band because you can experience the contribution you’ve made to the band, after practicing your part for a good amount of time.  “Honk” by Jeff Jarvis is a very funky song, which includes a lot of trumpet – which is probably why I like it!”

  • Oslo Treviño, 8th Grade

Save the Dates!

SDUSD VAPA HS & MS Jazz Ensembles Concert

  • April 21, Friday, 7:00 PM, Hoover HS.
  • Featuring RMS Music Students: Oslo Treviño (Trumpet) and Pax Willoughby (Double Bass).

Coronado Jazz Fest

  • May 6, 9:30 AM, Coronado High School.
  • RMS Jazz Band will participate in a “Salt & Pepper” Clinic, one-on-one mentor and student session, and a performance adjudication.

Young Lions Jazz Conservatory (YLJC)

  • Four RMS Students are in YLJC: Check out their upcoming performances at Panama 66-San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park (Wednesdays 7PM) and UCSD (YLJC All-Ensembles Showcase, June 10).
  • Thomas Morrision (Alto Sax, “Unity” Ensemble), Oslo Treviño (Trumpet, “Sidewinder”), Corbin Willoughby (Drums, “Night Dreamers”) and Pax Willoughby (Double Bass, “It’s About Time”).

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Provides Resources, Supplies and Experiences for RMS Music Students.

Give the Gift of Music 2023

Day 2 Tally: $2475.00 | 22 Donors

Our GOAL for 2023 is $6500 with Community Outreach of 100 DONORS.


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