The Roosevelt International Middle School uniform policy is in place to develop a positive learning environment that promotes school community spirit, encourages positive behavior and ensures student safety. It is a school-wide expectation that all Roosevelt students abide by the guidelines below.

Acceptable school uniforms can be purchased at any store. Some uniform items with school colors and logo can be purchased at Roosevelt. Here are the Roosevelt uniform guidelines:

School Uniforms*

  • TOPS: Polo shirts (gray, white or maroon) or school sponsored club/activity t-shirts
  • BOTTOMS: Pants, shorts or skirts in khaki color only; maroon or khaki-colored plaid skirts
  • OUTERWEAR: Sweaters or jackets (solids or stripes): gray, white, khaki, black or maroon
  • PE UNIFORMS: Solid gray t-shirt; maroon shorts or sweatpants; closed-toe shoes

Items not allowed at School:

  • Hats, beanies, doo-rags, bandanas or headgear of any kind
  • Facial piercing, spiked jewelry or visible tattoos (including temporary tattoos)
  • Visible undergarments

*Students who come to school not in uniform will be provided school uniform loaners to borrow for the day.

Buying Roosevelt Logo Uniforms

From August 20 – September 7, uniform sales are in Rooms 103 & 104.

To make your visit more efficient, online appointments are available, but not required. (Dates and times for appointments may be changed based on demand.)

Schedule appointments here:UniformAppt.

See list below of items for sale:

Item Size Color Price per Unit
Polo A YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL White/Maroon/Gray $11
Polo B XL    2XL White/Maroon/Gray $14
Polo C 3XL Gray only $14
PE Shirt YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL
XL   2XL
Gray only $7
PE Shorts XS   S   M   L
XL   2XL
Maroon only $11
Sweatshirt YM   YL   YXL   AS   AM   AL   XL   2XL Gray only $13
Sweatpants YM   YL   YXL   AS   AM   AL   XL   2XL Gray only $14
Hoodie A YM   YL   YXL   AS   AM   AL Maroon only $25
Hoodie B XL   2XL   3XL Maroon only $28
PE locker


Combination kept on file
in case of emergency
Yearbook $2 discount versus
ordering at end of year

During the year, school logo uniforms are sold at Roosevelt in the Financial Office located within the school’s Main Office.

Uniforms may also be purchased at several common stores, including Land’s End for embroidered and other school uniform approved items: (Girls)    (Boys)