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Not Just Financial Benefits

The mission of Roosevelt Middle School, and consequently of the Friends of Roosevelt, will be hard to accomplish without investment of time and money from individuals, businesses and service organizations. If you are someone who greatly values organizations making a positive impact on individual students, we hope you will partner with us and possibly making an annual pledge.

Innovative Partnerships:

When you invest in Roosevelt Middle School, more than 1000 families team up with your business or organization. It’s a partnership between businesses and service organizations and the families who support them.

​Neighborhood Involvement:

The Roosevelt Partners in Education provides an opportunity for our partners to interact with our school, students and staff. This program seeks to maintain the pace of change at Roosevelt while providing options in learning. Businesses may offer students a tour of their facility or office, describe their industry at Career Day, spend time in classrooms, provide a short internship opportunity or simply benefit from the publicity of being a supporter of the school. The level of involvement is up to you.

Educational Impact:

Mentoring by experts invests a strong positive influence on teens. Interacting with industry enables students to be exposed to the real world and helps shape their future choices.

​Support Youth with Tangible Results:

By supporting the youth of our community you are investing in the future workforce, leaders and teachers of our community.

​To the Community:

Strong public school system which attracts new business and industry.
Well prepared work force which allows businesses to prosper.
• A literate citizenry.
• Employable public school graduates.
• Better informed community members.
• A more realistic view of public education

Volunteerism and Community Service:

The school and our partners will invest in the community together through projects that will benefit our neighborhoods.
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