“Every musician has their own voice. We all have internal rhythm. We learn things at different rates, in different ways, but we all have the ability to play music.”

  • Nathan Elias Kocivar, RMS Music Director.
    • Band/ Jazz Band, Orchestra, Digital Music, 6th Grade Music Course.

It’s the FINALE of the “Give the Gift of RMS Music” 2022 Campaign!!

We hope that you have enjoyed the Music Student Spotlights. RMS Music offers students opportunities to explore the diversity of music throughout the world and encourages creativity.

As of 06:45 AM, 18 APR 2022, the RMS Community Has Donated: $4845.00!!

“Give the Gift of RMS Music” closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. Let’s reach the GOAL for RMS Music Students!! THANK YOU for generously giving to RMS Music.

Our GOAL is $5000.

It’s Not Too Late to Donate!! Every Cent is Well-Spent!!


If you prefer to DONATE by check, please contact RMS Music Boosters to make arrangements: roofriendsmusicboosters@gmail.com.

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Will Go Towards:

  • Classics 4 Kids “Jump Into Jazz” Field Trip at the Downtown San Diego Balboa Theatre!!
    • $50:  10 Student Concert Tickets.
    • $500:  $250 per bus; 2 buses needed for field trip transportation.
    • May 25, 2022: RMS Music’s FIRST off-campus field trip since March 2020!! 
  • Center for World Music Teaching Artist & Ensemble Presentations: $300-$350.
  • Equipment for 6th Grade Music and Digital Music Classes.
    • $20:  1 set of headphones. 
    • $40: 1 pack 50 earphones. 
    • $50:  1 Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) keyboard.
    • $100: 2 computer upgrades for the Music Lab (30 – 35 computers). 
    • $650: Music Software (subscription). 
  • Music Books and Sheet Music.
    • $100: 10 Orchestra Books (Strings). 
    • $120: Jazz Band Books (Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Double Bass, Drums).
  •  Band and Orchestra Equipment, Instrument Rentals.
    • $20: 8 sets rosin for string instruments maintenance. 
    • $100: Violin strings for instrument repairs.  
    • $130: Replacement reeds for woodwinds (saxophones, clarinets). 
    • $375: 15 Drum Pads for Percussionists and 6th Grade Music Students.
  • FUTURE workshops like Coronado Jazz Fest, Band & Orchestra competitions and field trips!!

If you are unable to donate at this time, please consider VOLUNTEERING for RooFriends Parking Fundraisers. Select RMS Music as your “RMS Cause.” Thank You!!

For more information about the RMS Music Program:



April 28, 2022, 6:00 PM, RMS Auditorium.

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