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Sophie S. (7th Grade) and Roma S. (6th Grade), Roosevelt IB MS Orchestra.

Congratulations to RMS Orchestra students Sophie and Roma!!  As Risk-Takers, they auditioned and they were selected to be San Diego Symphony Young People’s Concert Student Speakers!!  Together, they will be the Communicators in San Diego Symphony’s upcoming educational virtual programs.  They will encourage Inquiry as they provide Knowledgeable historical context and musical aspects of featured compositions.  As RMS Music ambassadors, their reach will be nationwide as these recorded, curated Young People’s Concerts will be made available throughout the United States.  BRAVO, Sophie and Roma!!  

As new students to music just this current school year, joining RMS Music developed their interest and participation in orchestral music.  Let’s ensure that all Music Students have opportunities to explore the diversity of music and encourage their creativity. 


Music Notes with the San Diego Symphony Young People’s Concert Student Speakers

Why did you choose to play in the orchestra at school instead of playing solo at home?

  • Sophie: “I find playing in a group more fun.  When playing solo, you don’t have other instruments to complement your own playing.  I have gone to the San Diego Symphony family holiday concerts since I was 3 years old, and I have always liked the sound of the orchestra.”
  • Roma: “I thought it would be best to get instruction in a group, make new friends and learn what it’s like to play with other people.”

What instrument do you play, and why did you choose it over other instruments?

  •   Roma: “I’ve been playing the violin since RMS Summer Camp 2021.  I chose the violin because I go to Renaissance Faires where people play the fiddle, and I have many favorite songs that feature the violin.  Also, as it’s the smallest of the string instruments, it’s easy to carry around!”
  • Sophie: “I chose to play the viola because there were many violins, and I figured that the orchestra could use more violas.  Once I started to play the viola, I fell in love with it.”

Why did you audition to be a San Diego Symphony Young People’s Concert Student Speaker?

  • Sophie: “My love of music and dance inspired me to audition.  I have been dancing with San Diego Civic Youth Ballet since I was four.”
  • Roma: “I thought it would be a really fun experience to be a part of this project.  If I ever audition for the symphony, I can say that I was a speaker for their concerts.”

What is your favorite thing about being a part of RMS Orchestra?

  • Roma: “Making new friends, finding lots of new sheet music to play and being introduced to what it’s like to play in a group.”
  • Sophie: “Everyone is so supportive; I really enjoy connecting with my peers through music.” 

How would you convince other kids to try a musical instrument and join RMS Music? 

  •  Sophie: “I would invite them to a concert and show them how fun it can be to learn to play.”
  • Roma: “Instruments can really broaden your horizons and get you new opportunities in life.  They’ll help you make new friends and have experiences that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.” 

“Give the Gift of Music” Day 1 Tally: $1,575

$1,075 (Square) + $500 (Check)

Our RMS Music 2021-2022 Fundraiser GOAL is $5000.

How Your Donations Influence RMS Music Students | RooFriends.org

If you prefer to DONATE by check, please contact RMS Music Boosters to make arrangements: roofriendsmusicboosters@gmail.com.

BRAVO to Roma S. (violin) and Sophie S. (viola), Roosevelt IB MS Orchestra!!
  • Roma: “At a concert, my friend got a seat that was closest to the audience.  I offered him a bag of Starburst in exchange for his seat as I know candy is his weakness.  It worked!” 
  • Sophie: “At rehearsal, I always ask if we can play fast.  The one day I was out, they got to play really fast!  I hope I have a chance to do that.”



April 28, 2022, 6:00 PM, RMS Auditorium.

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