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RMS Orchestra at San Diego Symphony Workshop, PHHS, April 13, 2022.

RMS Music Boosters seek partnerships with organizations like San Diego Symphony Learning & CommunityLa Jolla Music Society (LJMS) Education & Community Programming,  Classics 4 Kids, Center for World Music and Advocates for Classical Music to facilitate special opportunities for RMS Music Students.  Artist visits, music workshops and community access to concerts at local performance venues combine to provide exciting options in expanding our students’ music learning.

Paxton W. and Sofia B., (RMS Orchestra, 7th Grade) expound on their experiences on being double-bass players and how playing in orchestra influences their mindsets. 

Paxton: When you listen to music, often it’s not active, it’s just something in the background to fill the emptiness.  When you play music, you are actively listening to the people around you, adjusting what you’re doing, and playing something of your own.  I like how the bass has a warm, resonate tone that blends into the background, filling the gaps in the music.

Sofia: I chose to play the double-bass because I really like the way you feel the vibrations of any sound you make with this instrument.  When listening to music, you appreciate the way musicians performed and wrote it.  Once you play the music, you gain a new and more intense understanding & appreciation of sound and the persistence it takes to be successful.  

Paxton: In Jazz Band and Orchestra, there are a lot of people, so this means that there’s a lot of time when someone else is being helped.  This helps me realize that there are a lot of other people in the world, and it’s not just about the me and the people I spend time with, but there are billions of other people who have their own stories as well.

When our students enjoy visits from professional musicians and participate in music workshops off-campus, they gain insights into the world of music, hearing others’ music and their stories. 

Music CBS 8


La Jolla Music Society “Discovery Artist” Visit, RMS Auditorium, March 2022 (CBS 8 San Diego)


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In the Music Room…

  • Paxton: Someone’s violin bow broke, and to this day it’s still hanging on the wall!!
  • Sofia: The wind often blows our sheet music away. Once, all the sheet music for all three of the bassists was blown away in the middle of playing with the entire orchestra!
  • Music Boosters Note. Violin strings for instrument repairs: $100. Adding music stand clips to the Music Supplies Order List.  


April 28, 2022, 6:00 PM, RMS Auditorium.

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