Calling all 8th grade families! Join Principal Steinberger and parents/guardians to help make 8th grade promotion and end-of-year events extra special! After the last two years, these students deserve to be celebrated! REGISTER for the 8th grade events meeting this Wednesday, 4/20 @ 4:30pm to discuss the festivities for the last days of school.

The plan is to do an evening event (8th grade dance) on Friday, June 10 from 6-9pm.  The Zoo has agreed to let us use the garden starting at 3pm to help set up.   We are hoping to cater the event with a “Taquero.” 

To help raise money for these activities, please consider SIGNING UP for the RooFriends Parking Fundraiser on 4/24, 5/28, or 5/29 (May signup coming soon).

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