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HOW TO APPLY – Two Easy Steps

Fall Application Window: October 9 to October 15, 2020

  1. CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAMS – Review descriptions of programs and schedule. Please read the program requirements carefully; any additional forms, applications, or priority enrollment will be given in the description.
    Apply Online – Go to ASE Application during the enrollment period (October 9 through October 15, 2020)  to complete the online application. Completing an application is not a guarantee of enrollment.

Enrollment is based on a weighted ranking system and spots are limited. Students will receive an email with the list of programs they are enrolled in by October 17, 2020.

Registration Process for ASE

The goal of RooFriends is to give the most students access to programs that enrich students’ education. We also strive to give every instructor students who are excited about attending a class. 

  1. Parents need to register their students online during the Enrollment Period.
    • No registrations will be accepted via paper or outside of the stated time period.
    • One registration per students will be accepted. If a student applies more than once, the last application submitted will be the one considered. Registration requests will not be combined or edited.
  2. Girls in Science requires separate processes, applications, and priorities for enrollment. Read the program descriptions carefully.

Once enrollment closes:

  • Sign-up date and time will have no bearing on enrollment priority.
  • If more students apply for a class as their first choice than there are seats, the class list will be randomly selected by lottery from the students selecting that class as their first choice, barring any priorities for enrollment stated in the class description.
  • If after placing all 1st (first) choice students in a class, there are still spaces available, they will be filled from students who selected the class as their 2nd (second) choice, with priority given to those students who did not get their 1st (first )choice class.
  • After placing all 2nd (second) choice students, then the 3rd (third) choice students will be placed, with priority to those students who did not get their first or second choice.
  • Classes which do not meet minimum enrollment numbers will be cancelled.

Click for more info regarding the ASE REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES


Heather Arbogast, RooFriends After School Programs Coordinator

Karina Reyes, Vice Principal

Bernard Steinberger, Principal