HOW TO APPLY – 3 Easy Steps

1. CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAMS – Review ASE Program Descriptions prior to registration.

Apply OnlineClick Here during the enrollment period (Fall TBD)  to complete the online application. Rank the programs in your student’s preference by 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so on. Select Not Interested for any program your student would not participate in.
* Optional step: Additional Forms Some programs have additional waivers, applications, and/or parent permission slips to be completed. This includes programs which have an audition or try-out before the final roster is established.

3. WAIT FOR ACCEPTANCE EMAIL – Completing an application is not a guarantee of enrollment. Enrollment is based on a weighted ranking system and spots are limited. Students will receive an email with the list of programs they are enrolled in and any programs they are wait-listed for.

Registration Process for ASE

The goal of RooFriends is to give the most students access to programs that enrich students’ education. We also strive to give every instructor students who are excited about attending a class. To meet these two goals, we will be changing the ASE registration process from a first-come, first-served process to a combination of weighted ranking for 2019-2020.

  1. Parents need to register their students online during the Enrollment Period.
    1. No registrations will be accepted via paper or outside of the stated time period.
    2. One registration per students will be accepted. If a student applies more than once, the last application submitted will be the one considered. Registration requests will not be combined or edited.
    3. No registration requests submitted outside of the enrollment form will be considered, aside from withdrawing a student for consideration. Do not email to say you made an error; submit a new application. Only email to remove a student from consideration.
    4. No requests for co-placement with siblings or friends will be considered.
    5. ASE is not a child care program. Discussions of the family schedule, carpool, or child care needs are inappropriate and will have no bearing on ASE enrollment. Please contact PrimeTime for child care needs.
  2. Families will rank their students’ choices across all ASE offerings.
    1. If the student only wants one class, select only a 1st choice class and mark the rest as “Not Interested.”
    2. Mark all classes your student does not want as “Not Interested.”
    3. Selecting two classes at the same choice level will negate both choices and students will not be considered for enrollment in either. For example, if you pick two classes as a 1st Choice, we cannot know which one your student wanted more, nor is it fair to give them an extra chance for 1st Choice enrollment. Those classes will be deleted completely from their application.

Click for more info regarding the ASE REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES



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