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Thank you for your interest in our program. Although completion of an ASE application is not a guarantee of enrollment, we will make every effort to accommodate your request.


  • Spots are limited and are filled on a weighted ranking basis, barring any priorities set by instructors. If more students apply for a class as a 1st choice than are seats available, the class will be filled by lottery, barring any priorities set by instructors.
  • If you have made a mistake in your enrollment form, please submit a second, correct form that includes all your student’s requests. The last form submitted is the one that will be considered; all others will be deleted.
  • Programs may be canceled due to low student enrollment.
  • An enrollment confirmation email with your final schedule will be sent by Sep 22, 2022.
  • If you applied for any of the following, there are additional applications/forms to complete:


  • Standard codes of conduct for school also apply to ASE. Any teacher or instructor has the power to remove students from an ASE offering. Students removed from ASE programs for not meeting standard conduct expectations will not be permitted to enroll in ASE again within this academic school year.
  • Attendance is required; missing ASE without an email is an unexcused absence. If you must miss ASE for an appointment or sickness, please email the ASE Program Coordinator to let us know.
  • Chronic unexcused absences will result in removal from an ASE class for the remainder of the semester and may prevent you from enrolling in future ASE offerings.

19 replies on “ASE Requirements/Policies

  1. Cooking class is not being offered on list of clubs. my daughter’s first choice is photography and back up I noted gardening BUT she actually wants cooking class if photography is full.


      1. I have not received any sort of confirmation of having signed up for a club? are we notified later if got in?


    1. Did not know girls in science was meeting this morning at 7:15 and missed it, can my daughter get the application packet during 6th period please? thank you


  2. I just send the application, with the attached forms, how do I know you received it? After Submitted this page showed without confirmation, thanks!


  3. Hi again! I already sent the application, but not a confirmation is in my email, how do I know if I missing something? Thannks


    1. Hi Natalia. Sorry, we had a little hiccup on the notification setup. It’s fixed now. If this is for Santiago, it did go through. We will manually email you a confirmation later today.


  4. My daughter really would like to sign up for the cooking class on Tuesday. There are no other classes this registration that she wants. Can you tell me who I could contact to see if there is anyway to get her into the class? Thank you!


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