After 2 years of cancellation due to COVID-19, we are planning for 6th Grade Camp to happen during the next Spring Break: March 28 – April 1, 2022!

6th Grade Camp will be a 5-day overnight camp with buses taking kids to/from Roosevelt IB MS and SDCOE Cuyamaca Outdoor School. COVID-19 protocols and social distancing are planned. Stand-by for more information on a 6th Grade Camp Zoom meeting this September. If your family is interested in 6th Grade Camp, please review the 6th Grade Camp page(s) and submit the Interest Form:

6th Grade Camp is only possible with the help of RMS Families. Please consider volunteering!! Indicate your availability in the Interest Form and contact the 6th Grade Camp Committee:

Thank You!
Keiko James
6th Grade Camp Coordinator

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