6th Grade Camp is only possible through the help of our parent volunteers. Please consider taking on one of the much needed organizing positions listed below. 6th Grade Camp is a unique and incredible opportunity for your student to have hands-on learning experience as well as the chance to form new and lasting friendships with their classmates. This opportunity is not guaranteed, though. It requires volunteers to make it happen.

Chaperone Chair – We cannot attend camp if we do not have chaperones. Three chaperones are required. All chaperones will need to be background checked. The Chairperson will find the chaperones, manage them through the process and communicate with Camp Cuyamaca. The chairperson managing the chaperone process does not have to commit to chaperoning if they are unable or don’t want to attend camp.

Fundraising Chair – the very least, we need someone to reach out, remind, and get adults and students signed up for the various parking fundraisers. The ideal would be someone who could do that and get the 6th grade camp community to do additional fundraising. 

Forms Chair – need one to two people to organize the forms, double check for accuracy and make follow up phone calls/texts for missing information. Also, to follow up when forms haven’t been turned in by the deadline and students are wait-listed.

Communications Chair – need someone to put in the communications requests. The requests are fairly simple and repetitive. We need reminders of upcoming meetings, marketing to get students committed, reminders of deadlines. There is a schedule and content, need someone to execute the requests. 

Transportation – need someone to book the buses and keep in contact with the bus company. We have a contact that we have been using for the past two years. Just need someone to do the coordination and communication with the company.

Departure/Arrival – need someone to coordinate and oversee departure and arrival in person on Monday/Friday.

Spanish Speaker – need someone that can speak Spanish when parents have questions or we need to follow up. 

Please contact the 6th Grade Camp Committee at rms6thgradecamp@gmail.com to volunteer or to get more information. Thanks!

VOLUNTEER for 6th Grade Camp: IT’S FOR THE KIDS!!

RMS Class of 2024 at 6th Grade Camp, March/April 2022