Site Governance Team (SGT) Taking Action for Student Safety!!

Our Next Site Governance Team (SGT) Meeting is THIS Thursday, December 8 at 4 PM.

From Principal Steinberger:

  • In January 2023, I am hoping to host an in-person Community Meeting to focus on Student Safety.
  • Please download the City of San Diego ‘Get It Done’ App to report any safety concerns you observe around our school.
    • SDPD highly recommends the Get It Done App as the best way to report non-emergencies and get support from SDPD and the City of San Diego.
  • January 3, 2023: AFTER WINTER BREAK, morning drop-off and afterschool pick-up will be in the Zoo Drive Lot instead of the Zoo Drive-Park Blvd curb/gate.
  • Thank you to our Site Governance Team (SGT) for making Student Safety a priority!

Principal Steinberger | | Twitter: @PrincipalRIMS

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From our Parent Representatives on the SGT Committee:

“On November 19, a small but dedicated crew of RMS advocates expanded the entryway to the back parking lot, in preparation for new drop-off protocols after Winter Break! Thanks everyone!” – Karen Shelby, RMS 8th Grade Family

Thank You to the Site Governance Team (SGT), Our Advocates for Student Safety!!

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