Q4 Zero Period Music Schedule April 26 June 15 2021 TBDUPDATED Zero Period Music Schedule Starting April 26, 2021 (PDF Download)

Hello, Music Families!

Please note the UPDATED Zero Period Music Schedule (Band & Orchestra) here and on the RMS Music page. Music Students should refer to their Music Google Classrooms. 

Starting April 26, 2021, Zero Period Music program updates include:

  • Combining the onsite Intermediate & Advanced Band groups on Tuesdays.
  • NEW onsite Digital Music Production class on Wednesdays.  Arrange MIDI Keyboard pick-up with Mr. E.K. and the RMS Library. 
  • Onsite Music Students will be playing instruments. Bring instruments to school or make arrangements to use Music Room instruments.
  • Onsite Music Students may drop-off their personal instruments in the Music Room for safe-keeping during morning classes.     
  • ALL Music Students are encouraged to sign-up for Music Office Hour (Fridays, 10:30-11:30 AM) for one-on-one instrument lessons, help with music assignments, etc. Families may also sign-up to discuss the music program, etc.     

Notes from the April 15, 2021 Music Meeting:

  • Q4 Music Enrichment: Kennedy Center “Indie Hindi” with Falu, L.A. Philharmonic Virtual Tour of the Hollywood Bowl, Travel the World Through Music: Mexico, Philippines … and more!
  • Music Open House for Incoming 6th Graders. SDHS Music Outreach for 8th & 7th Graders.
  • Music Families: Please send your ideas for “Special Presentations” and your contacts at RMS Feeder Schools to the Music Boosters: roofriendsmusicboosters@gmail.com.    

For more information about RMS Music, please contact the RMS Music Director, Nathan Elias Kocivar: neliaskocivar@sandi.net.

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