On October 8, 2020, our Site Governance Team (SGT) created a Mascot Change Committee.

Several Roosevelt Families expressed concerns and objections to our current mascot, the Rough Riders, and we are looking into changing our mascot. A committee of Staff members and Families have been discussing and researching this issue.

There were many positives about President Theodore Roosevelt, but it is our opinion that the Rough Riders are not emblematic of the IB ideals that we aspire to. If you are not familiar with who the Rough Riders were during the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt and what they represent today, please consider the above “Rough Riders in the Spanish American War” slide and “Perspectives on The Rough Riders” video.

We are ready to collect your feedback on changing the RMS mascot. Students will have the opportunity to express their opinion on Friday, April 23, during the Advisory period. Please share your opinion by filling out and submitting the RMS Mascot Change Survey.

Thank you!
Principal Steinberger and the Mascot Change Committee

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