As you may know, San Diego Unified School District, had declining numbers district-wide this school year. It has affected our school, as well. Although there are many factors at play, we feel that we can do a better job of letting the broader community know about the amazing work done at Roosevelt and some of the very special opportunities available to our students. 

If you’re passionate about increasing Roosevelt’s enrollment so that we can increase funding and staff, please consider joining the RooFriends Enrollment Task Force. This is open to parents, staff, and any interested community members who want to see Roosevelt International Middle School continue to thrive for years to come.

We are looking for Roosevelt supporters with a marketing background and a few good writers. Whether you’re a data miner interested in digging into the issues of why enrollment is not growing or a grass roots organizer with ideas as to how we can connect with prospective families, join us today by emailing RooFriends

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