Local Control Funding Forms (LCFF) DUE TODAY: TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2022!!

Please check backpacks!! LCFF were sent home with students on Monday, May 23. 

Roosevelt IB MS needs this information to help ensure the school receives all the state funding to which it is entitled. Data from Local Control Funding Forms are used to increase school funding.

  • Please have your students return forms to 1st Period Teachers TODAY, TUESDAY, MAY 24.
  • Parents/ Guardians may also fill out the information online via the PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • Complete and submit ONE FORM PER CHILD.

LCFF Data Collection

LCFF data collection affects Title I Eligibility/Ranking. The higher the collection rate, the more funding SDUSD as a whole and individual school sites will receive.

Parents/ Guardians can visit the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access the online LCFF Form.   School sites are responsible for providing parents with Access IDs and Passwords so that they can create PowerSchool Parent Portal accounts.  We are hopeful this process will allow families the ability to provide the information needed in a timely and more efficient manner to properly fund our schools. LCFF paper documents are also available in the school office.


– Principal Steinberger (bsteinberger@sandi.net)

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