20210104_162238.jpgRMS Music Students express their THANKS to the RMS Community for supporting their music program through this challenging time!! Please click on the Band and Orchestra photos for their at-home holiday concert clips. Your generous donations to the RMS Musical Tree 2020-2021 Campaign totaled $3515.00!! Funds go to: music coaches, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) keyboards, headphones, future workshops, concerts, competitions and more!!


It’s not too late to contribute! Please CLICK to make a tax-deductible donation to RMS Music. Thanks!! Hope and Best Wishes for 2021!! – The RMS Music Boosters

RMS Music: Interested in joining 0 Period Band or Orchestra? Please contact your Counselor and the RMS Music Director, Mr. Elias Kocivar: neliaskocivar@sandi.net. 

Band: Winter WonderlandOrchestra: Holiday Medley


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