[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Do you know a Roosevelt teacher, counselor, administrator, coach, school nurse, custodian or someone on the office staff who has made life a little easier, more special, or more exciting for your child? Do you ever want to say thanks anytime during the year? If so, you can honor them through Friends Of Roosevelt “Honor An Educator” program.

This is a simple way to send thanks to the teacher or other staff who is inspiring your student and support IB and other needs. The educator you honor is given a small gift, is announced on RooTube and RooNews and receives a certificate of recognition from you and the Friends Of Roosevelt.

When you make a donation of $100 or more in an educator’s name you can also send a short message to them at the time of the donation, via the foundation and the educator will receive:

  • Your personal message
  • Personalized letter and certificate from the principal
  • A small gift in the spirit of the occasion
  • Recognition at a staff meeting or awards ceremony
Note: To make certain that your wishes are carried out, please email Richard Harris at rharris@friendsofroosevelt.org with your instructions at the time you wish to donate.
Friends of Roosevelt Founcation
% Roosevelt Middle School
3366 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92103

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GoldAppleimagesHonor an Educator with a
donation in her/his name!


Paypal accepts only lump sum donations.
Paypal accepts only lump sum donations


Other donation

Dollar a Day,
Lump sum
or monthly.


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