The deadline to enroll in SDUSD summer learning opportunities is THIS FRIDAY, April 14th!

The summer learning opportunities are no cost to San Diego Unified families. Families can choose from the following program options:

Summer Academic Program – Enroll by Friday, April 14th!

  • Roosevelt is offering a summer academic program from 8am to 1pm from June 20 to July 21.  
  • Students enrolled in the summer will remain in their current grade level. 
  • You can sign up your child for our summer academic program by filling out this link or coming into the office and filling out a paper document. 
  • The elementary, middle, and high school summer experience will support the academic and social-emotional needs of our students. The Summer Academic Program is open to ALL currently enrolled students including students receiving special education services. Classes are taught by San Diego Unified educators at designated schools. Education specialists will be assigned to sites to help support staff in meeting the needs of all learners.  
  • The enrollment window for the Summer Academic Program is February 6 through April 14, 2023. Summer academic enrollment takes place at the students’ current school of attendance. Every student who enrolls is guaranteed a space in the Summer Academic Program.
  • Students participating in the ESY/Summer Academic Program can also participate in PrimeTime Summer or Level Up enrichment programs to create the best summer experience.  Please note students must be enrolled in the ESY/Summer Academic Program in order to be eligible for PrimeTime Summer.

Extended School Year (ESY)

  • ESY services will be provided at all open schools to students who have ESY services as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Specialized ESY programs will be provided at pre-identified schools.  Enrollment is coordinated with the student’s current case manager. There is no enrollment deadline for ESY.

Level Up Enrichment

  • In addition to rewarding learning experiences from our educators, we are also partnering with the San Diego Foundation and dozens of local nonprofits to provide students with afternoon enrichment opportunities and week-long camps at no cost to San Diego Unified families throughout the city.
  • Summer Level Up enrichment programs for all district students grades UTK-12 will be offered by our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), Office of College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE), and community partners.
  • Programs will run throughout June, July, and August 2023. 
  • Level Up enrichment opportunities will include sports camps, STEAM- and arts-based experiences, leadership institutes, internships, and accelerated learning opportunities. 
  • Please be sure your accurate cell phone numbers are in PowerSchool so you don’t miss out on registration!

To learn more about each of the programs being offered this summer and access applications/enrollment forms, visit our Extended Learning Opportunities website.

More details available on the Family Engagement Calendar at

RMS Important Dates Calendar | Sync with the Google Calendar

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