Late Start THIS Wednesday, April 5

  • 1st Period classes will begin at 9:30 AM.
  • NO ZERO PERIOD CLASSES on Late Start Wednesdays.
  • 6th Period classes will end at the same time as a regular school day: 3:14 PM. 
  • 7th Period classes and Spring 2023 AfterSchool Enrichment (ASE) clubs continue as regularly scheduled.

Other RMS Calendar Reminders

Sync with the Calendar to keep up to date with RMS events.

RooFriends Parking Fundraisers:  April 8 & 15, 11 AM – 2 PM.

Please sign-up to support RMS STUDENTS & STAFF!!

Just FOUR More Volunteers Needed Each Saturday. 

*We will need to cancel if we do not have enough people to support this fundraiser, and miss out on raising much needed funds for the many RooFriends-sponsored education enrichment programs for RMS Students and Staff!

RooFriends Parking Fundraisers Spring 2023


RMS Students Need Our Support!!

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