From RooFriends Presidents Holiday Parking Fundraiser Volunteers:

“This was my first time volunteering for a parking fundraiser and it was fun! People were so happy to be supporting the school, too! A short shift goes a long way in helping RMS programs.” – Sarah M., 7th & 6th Grade Parent.

“It was a great, fun couple of hours spent outside with other cool volunteers and some people who were very grateful to have a place to park! Got extra donations and lots of gratitude. Easiest volunteering I’ve ever done.” – Brijet M., 8th Grade Parent.

Just TWELVE Volunteers Will Make a Significant Contribution to RooFriends-sponsored programs for RMS Students and Staff!!

THANK YOU to our Presidents Holiday Volunteers who raised $15,000+ in just 2 days (2 shifts, 3 hours each).

Please Sign-Up to Help RooFriends Reach Our GOAL of $15,000 more for the Rest of the 2022-2023 School Year!!

Thousands of Visitors Will Be in Balboa Park for the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Let’s help them enjoy their stay … and also raise funds for RooFriends-sponsored programs for RMS Students and Staff!!



March 11 & 12, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

VOLUNTEER to Support RMS Students & Teachers – RooFriends Cherry Blossom Festival Parking Fundraiser

Let’s do this TOGETHER, RMS Community:

Volunteer with Family and Friends.

THANKS for Supporting RooFriends Efforts for RMS Students & Staff!!

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