8th Grade San Diego Zoo Field Trip

As a reward for Semester 1 grades and citizenship, we are planning on taking promotion-eligible 8th graders to the San Diego Zoo on March 8th, a Late Start Wednesday. We will leave from school Period 1 and come back towards the end of Period 6 (9:30-3:00).

We are looking for approximately 9 chaperones to complement the teachers attending the trip.

Field Trip permission forms have been given to students, check for bright lime-green paper. Return forms by this Wednesday, February 22nd.

8th Grade Families: Chaperones Needed!!

Submit SDUSD Volunteer forms

  • Chaperones will accompany students on walk to/from and supervise during Zoo visit, 10 to 1 ratio of kids to adults per Zoo requirements–arrive at start of school, 9:30, til end of trip back at school 3:14.
  • MARCH 8 is a LATE START WEDNESDAY. Students will go to First Period then meet up in the Lunch area for staging.

If you are interested in chaperoning for this field trip, please Sign-Up and:

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