The Deadline for the RooFriends Spring 2023 ASE Application Has Been Extended!

Flamenco, Latin/ Hip-Hop Dance, GSA, Improv and Cosplay:

If you have any interest in these clubs, please fill out and submit your ASE Application ASAP. Let’s not risk canceling any of these great clubs due to low enrollment.

Other ASE Clubs are open with limited availability. ASE enrollment confirmation emails will be posted by January 22.

Spring 2023 AfterSchool Enrichment Application

Cosplay with Diversionary Theatre 

  • Wednesdays, 3:25 – 4:25 PM.
  • Diversionary Theatre: Dive deep into your character while putting your spin on their iconic look. Learn Cosplay closet and performance tips and have a great time!

Latin/ Hip Hop Dance

  • Wednesdays, 3:25 – 4:25 PM.
  • High-quality dance instruction that promotes social emotional growth, mental and physical wellness. Dance classes and performances create community and give students something to be proud of.

Flamenco 101

  • Tuesdays, 3:25 – 4:25 PM.
  • Flamenco With Roots: NEW!! Explore the rich heritage of Andalusia in southern Spain, where a cultural and ethnic melting pot created the intense and fiery tradition of music, art, poetry, literature, and dance known as Flamenco.  Students will learn how to isolate movement and move explosively as they gain an appreciation for the complex rhythms of Flamenco.  ¡Olé!

Improv with Diversionary Theatre

  • Tuesdays, 3:25 – 4:25 PM.
  • Diversionary Theatre: Let’s create comedy!  Students learn the core fundamentals and principles of Improv, focusing on games and exercises to improve their ability to listen actively, make strong & committed choices, and become a more generous stage partner.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) 

  • Mondays, 3:25 – 4:25 PM.
  • Roosevelt’s GSA is a student-led club that promotes equality and diversity among all students regardless of gender and sexuality. A safe space for our LGBT+ students. Engage in open and educational discussions. Any student is welcome to join GSA at any time.

HOW TO APPLY: Two Easy Steps.

1. CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAMS. Review descriptions of programs and schedule. Please read the program requirements carefully; any additional forms, applications or priority enrollment will be given in the description.

2. COMPLETE AN APPLICATION TO REQUEST CLASSES. Fill out the ASE Application during the application period (January 3 – 17, 2023)  and submit your class requests. Completing an application is not a guarantee of enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer ASE Team:

RMS Important Dates Calendar | Sync with the Google Calendar

Help keep the RooFriends AfterSchool Enrichment (ASE) program FREE for all RMS Students. THANKS!!

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