New Pick-Up Plan Beginning Tomorrow, Monday, January 9th

     After careful consideration, we are going to keep drop-off in the morning the same, but it is necessary to use the Gravel Lot for pick-up after school

     *   For the morning: It is critical that parents continue to drop off students on the school side of Zoo Dr and then continue on to the Zoo to turn around

        *   We will be working with our school police department to help eliminate illegal U-turns

        *   We will leave the cones outside to help prevent these illegal U-turns

  *   ALL 3:20 after-school student pick-up will take place in our Gravel Lot on Zoo Drive.

     *   The pedestrian gate on Zoo Drive will remain locked after school.  Do not pick-up students on the Zoo Drive curb.

     *   We will have parents and staff members helping to guide traffic: all cars will make a right into the lot and a right out of the lot to turn around in the Zoo parking lots or continue on to the light by the Zoo at Florida Drive/Park Blvd intersection

     *   Please review the map and sign uphere

     *   All students who walk home, take the bus or have after-school activities (PrimeTime, ASE, RMS Sports, Music, etc) will exit on Upas St.

  *   Thank you again to SGT for brainstorming, planning and now implementing the solution!

For questions – please contact Principal Steinberger

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