Winter Break: Holidays Spirit is Volunteer Spirit!!

Please consider contributing your time and generosity to support RMS Students and Staff. There are so many ways You Can Help!

Parking Fundraiser NEXT WEEK!!

RooFriends Winter Break 2022 Parking Fundraiser

December 26 – 30: Winter Break 2022 Parking Fundraiser!!

We are in danger of cancelling these opportunities if we cannot fully staff the Parking Fundraiser shifts.

Due to the low numbers of volunteer sign-ups, the RooFriends Parking Fundraiser Committee altered this event in order to maximize the efforts of the few who have signed-up … but we still need to fully staff the shifts that remain in order to operate this event smoothly, safely … and PROFITABLY!! Please sign-up for at least one 3-hour shift next week Dec 26 -30.

Alterations to the Winter Break 2022 Parking Fundraiser include:

  • Dec 31 cancelled.
  • Consolidating all efforts to just one parking location, the Gravel Lot on Zoo Drive. On-campus parking (blacktop, etc) will be closed. IF the Gravel Lot fills-up, onsite volunteers may decide to open on-campus parking to extend fundraising opportunities.
  • One shift instead of two shifts per day. Remaining shift: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Your Volunteer Time Benefits RooFriends Sponsored Programs:

New Year … New Student Safety Initiative!

VOLUNTEER for the New DropOff & PickUp Zone

January 3, 2023: Morning drop-off begins at 8:00 AM in the new Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone in the Zoo Drive Lot.

Please VOLUNTEER to help RMS Staff and the Site Governance Team (SGT) with safely directing traffic flow.

RooFriends’ Teachers & Staff Appreciation Holiday Fund CLOSES TODAY 12/23/22:

RooFriends sponsored holiday gift cards for Teachers and Staff as a heartfelt token of our appreciation for their support and care as they educate our children. It’s not too late to contribute your gift to the Teachers & Staff Holidays Appreciation Fund.

RMS Families in Need

THANKS to the RMS Community’s generosity, RooFriends and the RMS Staff distributed $4000+ of gift cards for groceries, school supplies and more to RMS Families in need this month. Please continue to support the year-round RMS Families In Need campaign.

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