7th Grade San Diego Zoo Field Trip

7th Graders with good standing in Citizenship will have the opportunity to explore the world famous San Diego Zoo on December 7 (Weds), 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM. Information about the trip and eligibility can be found in this informative slidehere.

Field Trip permission forms will be distributed by Language and Literature teachers the week after Thanksgiving Break. Return forms by December 2.

7th Grade Families: Chaperones Needed!!

Submit SDUSD Volunteer forms to the RMS Office by December 1.

  • Chaperones will accompany students on walk to/from and supervise during Zoo visit, 10 to 1 ratio of kids to adults per Zoo requirements–arrive at start of school, 9:30, til end of trip back at school 3:14.
  • This 7th Grade San Diego Zoo trip is scheduled on the same day (Dec 7) as the RMS Music trip.
  • Dec 7 is a LATE START WEDNESDAY. Students will go to first period then meet up in the Lunch area for staging.

If you are interested in chaperoning for this field trip:

SUPPORT our field trips by volunteering for the RooFriends December Nights Parking Fundraiser!!

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