A Message from Principal Steinberger (Aug 28, 2022)

Greetings, Roosevelt Families!

I’m excited to officially welcome you all back to Roosevelt for the 2022-2023 school year!  It has been amazing connecting with so many of you this past week, I look forward to seeing all of our wonderful students.  This year is already off to a great start.  If your child is like mine, these past few days have been filled with excitement, sadness, nerves … and ultimately acceptance.  Monday begins a new chapter, and any nervousness is completely understandable.  Please assure them that the routine of school will feel normal very soon! In the meantime, please reach out if you have any need for support from our team.

Have a great first week, and let’s begin this year with Roosevelt PRIDE: Personal Responsibility in Daily Excellence.

Principal Steinberger | bsteinberger@sandi.net | Twitter: @PrincipalRIMS

Attendance / Absence Reporting

Drop Off Reminders

  • This week, school gates will be open at 8:00 am this week.
    • There will be more traffic closer to our 8:30 am start time  
    • If your child is enrolled in a Zero Period elective, they will be entering through the PrimeTime Gate prior to 7:30, which is on Upas St. in the direction of Richmond St. from our main office
  • It is critical to drive safely around our children and avoid U-turns on Upas St and Zoo Dr.  You can safely turn around in the Zoo parking lot after dropping off your student on Zoo Dr. 
  • For the Upas St neighborhood, please do not park or block the bus drop-off zones and the residential driveways.
  • Parents/ Guardians are not allowed on campus now that school has started.  Please check in at our front entrance (Upas St.) if you need any assistance. 
  • Campus Traffic Safety Notes

Principal Town Hall

Roosevelt Community Back to School Social

Free Lunch / Nutrition Break

  • ALL students will be provided free lunch this school year, as well as a snack during our Nutrition Break after first period. This year, students will need to enter a pin, which is available on their schedule printouts we will be passing out on Monday morning.

Class Schedules | Bell Schedule | RMS Calendar

  • The most up-to-date schedules for all students are now available in PowerSchool, and students will be able to receive a printout of their classes on Monday.
  • Here is our updated Bell Schedule and RMS Calendar for 2022-2023. 

PHE Uniform Reminder

If you have yet to purchase PHE uniforms, not to worry!  You will have next week to take care of that.  Students will be assigned a PHE locker in their corresponding locker rooms on Sept 6-7. Please make sure your student has their lock and PHE uniform with them! All students will begin dressing for PHE classes on Sept 8.

COVID Testing

Students and Staff are able get tested at school by opting in to regular, on-site testing through Responsive Lab Partners. To opt in to testing, visit the Primary Health Portal to register for an account for your child. Please sign the consent in the portal and select the school that your child attends.

  • Testing at Roosevelt will be Monday afternoons from 12-3 pm.  
  • We have not received confirmation that we will have testers for 8.29.2022.  If we do, we will make an announcement and do our best to test as many students as possible

School Site Council (SSC) and Site Governance Team (SGT)

We have SSC and SGT parent positions open, please email Principal Steinberger directly by Sep 8 if you are interested in joining one of these important committees this school year!

  • School Site Council (SSC) provides input on our Title 1 budget spending and allocation.
  • Site Governance Team (SGT) helps develop policies and procedures at Roosevelt.
  • Meetings for these committees will be held after school on Zoom.
  • We will hold the election after all nominations are received.

Cell Phone Policy Change

  • Students may use their cell phones ONLY before school and after school.
  • Once a student enters campus, they are expected to turn cell phones off and put them away.
  • They may turn cell phones on when school ends to communicate with parents and guardians.
  • Please know that you will be able to call our office at any time, if needed. If there is an urgent situation, students will be able to ask permission from a teacher or staff member to use our office phone or to turn their phone on quickly.

Middle School Sports 

Please review our RMS Music Update for 7th Period Band & Orchestra. 

Principal Steinberger | bsteinberger@sandi.net | Twitter: @PrincipalRIMS

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