Hello, Roosevelt Families!

It was great to see many of you as we had numerous opportunities to connect last week as a community. I am proud of the work our students presented at IB Fest Student Showcase and extremely impressed with their talent during their performances, including the wonderful Roosevelt Theatre Company‘s “High School Musical” shows this weekend.  As we continue to deal with challenges across our community and the globe, it is important to celebrate the positivity that our children bring to our lives.  Thank you all for your continued support of our students and staff.

5/13/22 Principal Town Hall Summary

Vice Principal Brewer shared a message about social media usage.

Our teachers, counseling team & administration have spent countless hours addressing issues around social media. Even with this work, confrontations due to online conflicts continue to occur. If it comes to our attention that your child is involved, we may call you to come pick up your child and review their social media with them.

Please support us by monitoring your child’s social media activity.
  • This can include sitting down with your child and having them show you their accounts and their conversations.
  • This can also include making sure you have your child’s passwords so you can monitor the account when needed. Just them knowing that you have access can really help.
  • A great strategy one parent shared is how her children put their devices to charge in a central location one hour prior to bedtime. This helps prevent the online chatting that happens late at night.

Enjoy the RMS IB Fest Student Showcase Slideshow.

5/28 & 5/29: Upcoming Parking Fundraiser!!

Please volunteer for the RooFriends Memorial Weekend Parking Fundraiser (May 28 & 29).  We are excited to have these back to raise money for our amazing After School Enrichment (ASE) program and other important events on campus! If you are interested in joining the Parking Fundraiser Committee, please email info@roofriends.org. We need your great ideas as we strategize and plan for the 2022-23 school year.

Have a great week, and always remember your Roosevelt PRIDE: Personal Responsibility in Daily Excellence.

Principal Steinberger | bsteinberger@sandi.net | Twitter: @PrincipalRIMS

Important Dates Calendar

Site Governance Team (SGT) Meeting: This Thursday, 5/19/22, 4:00 PM via  Zoom link.

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