ALL 8th Grade Students & Families!

REGISTER for the 8th Grade Events Meeting (Weds, 4/20, 4:30 PM)

Join Principal Steinberger and fellow 8th Grader Families to help make 8th Grade Promotion and end-of-year events extra special!

  • 8th Grade Dance: June 10 (Friday), 6:00 – 9:00 PM, San Diego Zoo Garden.
    • The San Diego Zoo has agreed to open the garden at 3:00 PM for set-up. We are hoping to cater the event with a “Taquero.”
  • 8th Grade Promotion: June 14, 2022, Balboa Park Organ Pavilion.  
  • To help raise money for 8th Grade activities, please consider SIGNING UP for the RooFriends Parking Fundraiser on 4/24 (Earth Day), 5/28, or 5/29 (Memorial Weekend). Remember to designate 8th Grade/ Class of 2022 as your RMS Cause!

4/24/22 UPDATE: 8th Grade Parent Meeting Notes (4/20/22).

Here are the notes (English Spanish) from the 8th Grade Promotion & Events Meeting (4/20/22). Thank you Jen Spencer (8th Grade Family & RooFriends Board Member) and Mr. Cortes (8th Grade Family, RMS Staff) for taking the lead!  – Principal Steinberger.

One thought on “8th Grade Families: Promotion Events Meeting WEDNESDAY 4/20 at 4:30 PM!!

  1. Thank you Roosevelt Middle School and all Staff who helped my daughter achieve as an IB student. She has been an IB student since she was 3 years old! Thank you for helping me raise my child and providing me with all the support I needed. Much ❤️


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