New Attendance Protocol for Students Leaving Early & Absence Reporting
We have noticed an increase in students getting picked up to leave early, which has made for a busy office in the afternoons.  A solution our team came up with to improve the process is to ask parents/guardians to have your child drop off early dismissal notes in the morning, and then at that moment, students will receive a pass to come to the office at the given time.  This will save the time it takes to get students from their classes and the interruption that it causes.  In your note, please provide:

  *   The reason your child needs to leave early

  *   The time they need to leave campus

Your child will then be at the office when you arrive (they of course need to remember), and after showing your ID and signing them out, you will be on your way.  Thank you for your understanding as we try out this new system!

  *   You will still be able to pick up your child if something comes up during the day

Please continue to report absences using this LINK. Our teachers are making sure all assignments are available in Google Classroom. Please check classes with your child for updates.

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