On-Campus Volunteering Opportunities

RMS Staff requests help with supervising during lunch and after school dismissal. Logistics for volunteer training sessions are in the works. If you are interested , please fill out and submit the RMS Volunteers Form or contact VP Brewer: cbrewer@sandi.net.

Volunteer Needed for the Site Governance Team (SGT)

  • SGT helps develop school policies and procedures.
  • The next SGT meeting will be this Thursday, March 17, 4:00 PM.

Family Engagement: Social Media

RMS Teachers, Counselors and Administrators continue to help Students through conflict that often starts with social media and group chats.  These small conflicts can turn into much larger social conflicts on-campus which then need hours of mediation.  Please help us help our children! Please take a look at their phones and computers to get an idea of the conversations and interactions they are having. We are seeing the biggest problems stemming from group chats, Instagram chats, Discord and TikTok. Thanks for your support!! – Principal Steinberger.

Friends of Roosevelt Foundation

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