Let’s support Mrs. Leach’s Students with a gift that fosters learning.

DONATE to Mrs. Leach’s Donors Choose project to give her students a class-set of headphones to enhance their ability to be successful in a 21st century learning environment.

A Message from Mrs. Leach:

“I teach a wide range of students with diverse talents and needs ranging from Special Needs to Gifted education and everything in between. Our student body is very diverse and a reflection of the multicultural community we inhabit.

Recently, four student refugees from Afghanistan have joined my class. Having headphones will help them fully experience learning games and programs such as Duolingo.

Having audio support can help students feel a sense of inclusion and remove the stress of being able to access the material.

The students in my room love to listen to audiobooks and hear texts read aloud. The problem is the old, poor quality, headphones in my room are falling apart.

Many of my students are reading 2-3 years behind grade level. Having auditory support can link struggling readers with texts they want to read. A little audio support goes a long way.

Additionally, students can use the microphone feature on the headphones to access the speech-to-text tool while composing on the computer.”

Thank You for Your Donation!

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