Treobytes: A Kids Technology Hub

Roosevelt IB MS is hosting a new SDUSD & Level Up San Diego sponsored STEM club called TreoBytes!! The RMS Treobytes STEM Club will run February 14 – March 18: Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:30 – 5:30 PM.

Build It! with Engineering | Offered by

“Build a water rocket, a skateboard, a recumbent bicycle, electric motorbike or electric kart. Anything is possible! At ‘Build IT!’ students will use modular parts to create life-size vehicles and science builds.

While students build together, they will acquire new skills that will benefit them their entire life.
Students will learn about mechanics, design planning, assembling, tools, electric mobility and much more. The curriculum will add relevance to students’ learning experiences by exposing them to real-world options and connecting academics to career and college options. Students will be afforded the opportunity to engage in role plays that discuss real-life scenarios, work collaboratively with their peers, and practice social skills.”

Please contact TreoBytes for more information:

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