A Message from Vice Principal Ciria Brewer

Due to the increase of reported student absences and illness, we want to re-share the Roosevelt Middle School Attendance Verification/ Notificacion de Ausencia link to make it easier for you to report your child(ren)’s absence(s).

Moving forward, if your child is out of school for any reason (including illness, COVID symptoms, and/or a positive COVID test), please report their absence using the RMS Attendance Verification link.

If the absence is due to COVID, a Roosevelt MS Staff member will reach out to you with next steps if needed. 

Thank You!!

Vice Principal Brewer: cbrewer@sandi.net

Ms. Vallejo, RMS Attendance Clerk: jvallejo@sandi.net

Note: The RMS Attendance Attendance Verification link is available on the RooFriends.org homepage sidebar/toolbar.

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