Seasons Greetings, RMS Families! If your Students would like their own personal at-home space to focus on their school assignments, art projects, etc., our crafty RooFriends Volunteers are building simple, functional desks and offering them especially for Students.

If your Family would like to gift a RooFriends Student Desk for the holidays, please complete the Student Desk Request Form and you will be contacted by RooFriends to coordinate arrangements. Fully-assembled desks and/or desk kits may be picked up at the RMS Main Office (Upas St.) this week. A limited number of desks are available; 20 desks as of 12/13/2021.


THANK YOU to the Volunteers for contributing their time, effort and DIY skills to this Friends of Roosevelt Foundation project. RooFriends Student Desks have been gifted to our RMS Feeder Schools, Florence, McKinley & Sherman Elementary Schools, as well as our own RMS Students. If you are open to a RooFriends project, please consider the many ways you can support the Friends of Roosevelt Foundation and RMS Students!!

Connect with RooFriends!!

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