🌧 Rainy Day Protocol: Looks like rain at lunchtime on Tuesday 12/14/21!!

  • Please remind your child(ren) to bring their jackets, umbrellas and laptop covers! 
  • Students can eat under covered areas outside, in the library, auditorium, and in select classrooms.
  • When eating indoors, there is a 6-feet-between-students requirement. Students will also need to wear their masks immediately after they finish eating.
    • Sidenote on masks: Please remind your child(ren) to bring their masks to school everyday.  There are extra masks in the school office. When students regularly bring their own masks, the back-up supply of masks remains well-stocked for all students.
  • Students will need to write down the names of the students they eat lunch with in order to answer contact tracing questions if needed.

DRIVE SAFELY during inclement weather while in school drop-off and pick-up zones!! Please review: RMS Traffic Safety Guidelines.

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