Hello 6th Graders & Parents,

Thank you to all that have signed up for camp! If you paid your deposit, it’s time to make your next payment. You have the option of paying the balance due or continuing to make monthly payments. Monthly payments are due 11/13/21, 12/11/21, 1/8/22, with the total due no later than 2/5/22. The full camp fee is $380. You can make online payments HERE.

Please also visit the 6th Grade Camp Registration link to complete and upload the required forms. Don’t forget to include your insurance information, we have several that have missed that.

If anyone else in interested in attending, we have space for 7-8 more kids to join the fun. If you are interested but are having financial difficulty, please let us know as there are scholarship opportunities available.

Send an email to rms6thgradecamp@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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