A Message from Principal Steinberger:

While it appeared that we were going to have no school this coming Friday, it turns out that we will be here after all.  Please see Interim Superintendent Jackson’s 11/5/21 message below.  I agree with the idea of a mental health day if that works for you and your child(ren). 

To help us with the large amount of anticipated absences, please fill out this “11/12/21 Absence Form” Survey if your child(ren) will NOT be coming to school this Friday. 

You will not need to call or email our attendance office if this form is filled out.

Thank You!!

Principal Steinberger

bsteinberger@sandi.net | Twitter: @PrincipalRIMS

Important Dates Calendar

A Message from SDUSD (11/5/21):

We are writing to follow up on the SDUSD communication (dated 11/04/21) regarding a proposal to make Friday, November 12, a non-instructional day. 

We’ve heard from many families that appreciated the opportunity to focus on mental health and wellness; others expressed concerns about their ability to find adequate childcare solutions on such short notice.

After careful consideration, we have decided to keep our classrooms open next Friday. All students will be welcome at school on November 12. 

We will continue to offer students the chance to use that day to rest and recharge.

Families that choose to keep their students out of school for a mental health day on November 12 will have their absence marked as “excused.”  

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contact us. Your input helped us arrive at what we believe is the best possible option for all families. We continue to look for new ways to recognize the importance of mental health.   


Dr. Lamont Jackson

Interim Superintendent, San Diego Unified

Roosevelt IB MS Calendar Reminders:

  • Wednesday, November 10: LATE Start Schedule 9:30 AM – 3:14 PM.
  • Thursday, November 11: SDUSD Schools and District Offices are closed for Veterans Day. 

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