Please consider donating to our Librarian’s DonorsChoose Project: Library Books for All!

Library books have different purposes for different students.

Some are used for knowledge, some for adventure, some for fantasy, some are scary, while others are just plain fun to read. I’d love to give my students more options. Books that are intended for all kinds of readers, from the most struggling to the most advanced.

Enter promo code OCTOBER at checkout to have your donation matched.
Thank You!! – Mrs. Hassan, RMS Librarian

I was always the kid that could be found tucked away behind the pages of a book. I have many of those students in my library. The ones that come into the library before school or during lunchtime and are content sitting with friends, or reading quietly.

I would like for all students who enter the library to find a book that fits them.

Maybe it’s something to lift their spirits and make them laugh or maybe it’s a book that takes them on an adventure. The books that I have requested for this project are books that are the most asked for books in the library, in some cases we have them but they are always checked out or we don’t have them and I would love for them to be part of our collection.

Thank You!! – Mrs. Hassan, RMS Librarian


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