“My students are a diverse population of thinkers, explorers, dreamers and leaders. They draw from a large neighborhood that is as economically diverse as our country. Our school and their library is a safe place for them to meet and share their ideas.

It seems like this year more than any other time, the kids love being in the library.

I have been asked by many of our students if we could increase our collection of Manga books. The books are always checked out and many are missing for the series. I would love to be able to add to this collection!

Ms. Hassan’s “Manga for Middle School” DonorsChoose Project

When the incoming 6th Graders came to view our school library, they were immediately drawn toward our Manga section of the library. Since they are the most popular books in the library, the books are always checked out and are always on hold. I would love to be able to add more books to our collection, giving more students the opportunity to read and check out these books. By donating to this project, readers will be able to choose a wider variety of books that appeal to the most avid and most reluctant of readers.”

Thank You!! – Ms. Hassan, RMS Librarian


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