COVID Testing on Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021:

  • Students that will be tested will receive a Health Office Pass in their First Period class on Monday morning (9/20/21).
  • If your child does not receive a pass and they are registered for testing, they may go to the 8:00-8:30 AM testing period on Tuesday. The line-up is located at the gate to the left of the School Office.
  • If your child does receive a pass and you do not want them to be tested, let them know not to go at their assigned time.
  • Please visit this site to sign-up for COVID-19 testing and for other locations if needed.

CLICK for Details About FREE Vaccines at SDUSD Locations.

Resources to Help Parents Sign-Up Students for COVID Testing

Reminder: Masks Required For All Students.

  • Please send your students to school with a mask everyday.
  • We have replacements when needed, but we have been giving out a large number of masks.

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