We are planning for 6th Grade Camp to happen during the next Spring Break: March 28 – April 1, 2022!

6th Grade Camp will be a 5-day overnight camp with buses taking kids to/from Roosevelt IB MS and SDCOE Cuyamaca Outdoor School. COVID-19 protocols and social distancing are planned. Stand-by for more information on a 6th Grade Camp Zoom meeting this September. If your family is interested in 6th Grade Camp, please review the 6th Grade Camp page(s) and submit the 6th Grade Camp 2022 Interest Form.

6th Grade Camp is only possible with the help of RMS families. Please consider volunteering!! Indicate your availability in the Interest Form and contact the 6th Grade Camp Committee: rms6thgradecamp@gmail.com.

Thank You!
Keiko James
6th Grade Camp Coordinator

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